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The Bio Straight Straightening Treatment straightens, hydrates, rebuilds, and gives incredible shine to unmanageable hair. It is ideal for frizzy, unmanageable, lack of shine hair.

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Bio Straight is a revolutionary and innovative nanoplastia treatment that has taken the market by storm. Bio Straight  straightens, hydrates, rebuilds, gives incredible shine and supports hair growth.

Nature Eva Bio Straight was developed to promoting intracellular nutrition. Its effect reconstructs the fibre, leaving it shiny, frizz-free with a long-lasting smooth effect.  Bio Straight: with just one step, it is not necessary to wash the hair before applying the product. This reduces the procedure time  by up to 40-60 minutes.


A perfect innovative hair treatment formula that is both safe and highly effective!

  • Faster application. It is easy to apply.

  • There is no need to wash your hair before the procedure.

  • There is no need to brush the hair before applying the straightening iron.

  • The hair can be washed on the same day.

  • Does not contain formaldehyde.

  • Does not burn eyes or respiratory system.

  • Holds no risk to the health of the client or the professional.

  • It does not produce a strong smell.

  • Straightens hair 100%.

  • Is dermatologically tested.

  • We are certified at national level in the European Union. Notification Portal Cosmetics. (CPNP). 


Principal active ingredient:

Organic acids: lactic acid (milk), Acetic acid (vinegar), Ascorbic acid (vitamin C or citric acid), Argan Oil, Sericine (silk protein), Shea Butter

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