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What is Nanoplastia?

Nanoplastia is also called nano-straightening. A technique based on nanotechnology that works at the level of molecules and atoms, penetrating deep into the hair structure to make all types of hair straight for long periods of time but most importantly it improves the hair condition by closing the hair scales and is adding irresistible shine.

Nanoplastia treatment contains natural ingredients that restore damaged hair strands, smoothing them and eliminating curls, leaving them smooth and shiny for 6-12 months. It is an alternative to Keratin Smoothing Treatment usually contain cancerous formaldehyde.

Bio Straight Treatment for Nanoplastia is made to save the time of professional hairdressers and made to give long-lasting results. Our formulas are created with the belief in providing a simplified, unisex range of products that provide long-lasting integrity and health for every hair and skin type no matter what your gender.

How It Works

The secret of Bio Straight is the product’s composition that contains silk protein, oils, amino acids, vitamins and keratin.

During the Bio Straight process, it carefully seals the hair from the roots to the ends. The product enters the cuticle with the help of heat, which restructures the hair, so you will notice less hair breakage. The silk protein returns the smoothness of the hair, leaving it with an incredible shine, making the hair absorb all these ingredients that leave it looking healthy. And finally, the preservative will keep the hair straight without changing the structure of the hair. Leaving it with a natural smooth appearance.


Before after hair treatment.png
Perfectly Straight for 6-12 months (1).png
Bio Staight.png
Perfectly Straight for 6-12 months (2).png
Bio Straight 3 .png
Perfectly Straight for 6-12 months.png
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